Pronunciación Fonética y Letra de la canción: Promises Wiz Khalifa


Say baby, Imma wake up for you
Imma have my way with your body
And when I’m done touching you
I bet you won’t wanna
Give yourself to nobody
Baby when the lights go out
It’s like we’re the only ones
And I already feel it now
It’s like you’re the only one
Only one who knows just how
How to make the time stand still
We’re caught in the moment

So don’t let me down
You made those promises
Don’t take em back now
Don’t let me down
Do all the things you said that had me going
Let’s get caught in the moment
Let’s get caught in the moment
Smoking one and rolling one… esmokin wuan an rolin wuan
I come and break you down for fun… a com an breik yiu daon dor fan
You love it when I get up in it…  yiu love wuen a guerap inet
Kiss your body when I’m finished… kis yio bary wuen am finish
My drop crotch is by Knomadik… ma dshrap crotch is ba nomadik
My drop top is automatic… ma drap tap is auromaric
Put you in it, now you tweaking… put yia inet nao yiu tuikin
I kidnap you for the weekend… ay kidnap yiu fo da wuiken
Rolling up and going up… rolinap an goinap
I’m smoking weed and pouring up… am esmoukin wuiid an purrinap
I take that money, hold it up… a teik da many jolderap
I take your legs and fold em up… a teik yio legs en foldemap
I take my time, I break it down… a teik ma taim a breike daon
I tell you not to make a sound… a tel yia nat u meik a saon
I take that KK and pass it round… a teik da key key an paserarraon
Your clothes keep dropping to the ground… yio clouts kiip dshrapin tu de graon[Hook]


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