Pronunciación Fonética y Letra de la canción: Demis Roussos – Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye

“Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye”

Hear the wind sing a sad, old song… ji-er de wuind sing a saad oold son
It knows i’m leaving you today… i’ nous am livin yiu tudey
Please don’t cry or my heart will break… plis dont cray or may jaar wuil breik
When I go on my way… wuenay goo on may wuey

Goodbye my love goodbye… gudbay may lov gudbay
Goodbye and au revoir… gudbay an o revoa
As long as you remember me… as lon as yiu rimember mi
I’ll never be too far… ay never bi tuu far
Goodbye my love goodbye… gudbay may lov gudbay
I always will be true… ay olwueys wuil bi truu
So hold me in your dreams… so gool mi in yior driims
‘till I come back to you… til ay com bak tu yiu

See the stars in the skies above… sii de estars in de eskay aboof
They’ll shine wherever I may roam… deyl shain wuerever ay mey room
I will pray every lonely night… ay wuil prey evry loonly nait
That soon they’ll guide me home… dat suun dey gaid mi joom