Pronunciación Fonética Letra: Aye Ma Sammy Wilk

Pronunciación Fonética y Letra de la canción: Aye Ma Sammy Wilk

“Aye Ma”

Aye ma, You looking real nice… ay ma yiu lukin ri-el nais
With the long blond hair, rockin’ calvin kleins, and uh… wuitd de lon blon je-er rakin calvin kleins an ja
I can really get used to it… a can riily guet yius tuet
The way you walk in I’m about to lose my shit, I swear… de wuey yiu wuokin am abao tu luus ma shiit a sue
She’s the only one, they all should be… shis de only wuan dey ol shuud bi
But should’a, could’a, would’a, nothing’s perfect Bill Cosby… b’ shura cura wura notdings perfect bil cosby
It’s just a normal day to your office job livin’… its yios a normal dey tu yio ofis yiob livin
Work 8 to 5 but you wanna slow sip it… wuork eit ru faif ba yiu wuana eslou sipe
And you’re sick of all the bullshit, you wanna make decisions… an yiur sik ofol de bulshit yiu wuana meik decishons
Dreams of top dollars, but stuck with the vision… dshriims of tap dolars ba estak wuitd de vishan
Now I know this what you’re feelin’, I can see it in your eyes… nao a no dis wuat yior fiilin a can sii et in yio ays
No more hidin’ what you’re feelin’, no more pain or disguise… no mor jaidin wuat yior filin no mor pein or disgais
So rise up, roll one, higher… so raisap rolwuan jayie
Feet are on the ground but I’m found floating back to you like… fiit ar on de graon baray faun flourin bak tu yiu laik

Aye ma, Watchu lookin’ at? (Oh nah)… aay ma watchu lukin at oh nah
Aye ma, Watchu lookin’ at? (I was like)… ay ma watchu lukin at a wuas laik
Aye ma, Watchu lookin’ at?… ay ma watchu lukin at
No more hidin’ away… no mor jaidin awuey
Let’s go fly to a place unknown… lets go flay tu a pleis an-noun

God damn, now I’m here. Watchu want from me?
I need a down ass chick that can work the D
I’ll stick with it up all night no question
Learn lessons until the day we’re set free
Now let me see what I’m workin’ with
Hands by your side
Now it’s time to nose dive like all the angels in the sky
Lookin’ down over all of us
Keepin’ it okay
Blessed but not like the rest of ‘em
So roll up like a J and inhale, exhale

The worry sailed away you say time after time that you feel some type of way
But don’t tell me what I wanna know
Tell me how it is
So damn beautiful I’m over here noticin’ you like

Aye ma, Watchu lookin’ at? (Oh nah)
Aye ma, Watchu lookin’ at? (I was like)
Aye ma, Watchu lookin’ at?
No more hidin’ away
Let’s go fly to a place unknown

You’re the one that I want and I need
The one that I need
You’re the one that I want and I need
No more hidin’ away, girl (yeah, yeah)

Aye ma, Watchu lookin’ at? (Oh nah)
Aye ma, Watchu lookin’ at? (I was like)
Aye ma, Watchu lookin’ at?
No more hidin’ away
Let’s go fly to a place unknown

Pronunciación Fonética Letra: Wrong One Jack and Jack
Pronunciación y Letra: All My Loving de The Beatles

Pronunciaciones Originales por:: Manuel Ruiz


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  1. Quisiera, la pronunciacion de esta canción Sammy Wilk & Ky-Mani Marley Light Up por favor

    Por cierto sus pronunciaciones son grandiosas, gracias a ustedes e podido aprender a cantar en inglés 🙂


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