Pronunciación Letra: Kissin’ U Miranda Cosgrove

Pronunciación Letra Video de la cancion: Kissin’ U Miranda Cosgrove “Kissin’ U” Sparks fly, it’s like electricity I might die when I forget how to breathe You get closer and there’s nowhere in this world I’d rather be Time stops like everything around me is frozen And nothing matters but these few moments when you opened my mind to things I’ve never seen[Chorus:] Cause when I’m kissing...

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Pronunciación y Letra: Sayonara de Miranda Cosgrove

Letra con la Pronunciación Fonética: Sayonara de Miranda Cosgrove   Like a ninja out of the dark, I’ll steal your heart, I’ll steal your heart, Maybe give you more than I should, Make you feel good, make you feel good! Like a tiger burning through the night, You’re the fire, got you in my sight, Feel the music runnin’ through my blood Can’t fight my love (Oh-oh, oh-oh) [Chorus:] What I need, what I...

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