Pronunciacion y Letra: No Better de Lorde

Pronunciacion, Letra y Video de la cancion: No Better de Lorde   We roll in heavy summer when there’s strength in our numbers And your breath’s hot and gross but I kiss you like a lover Legs stick to the seats of the car someone grew into I forget the knowledge from the lessons that I went to. And Jamie picks fights but they’re weak and short-lived Because no one can be bothered when it’s humid like this And we roll in...

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Team de Lorde

Letra con la Pronunciación Fonética de la Canción: Team de Lorde   Wait ‘til you’re announced… Wueit til yior anauns’d We’ve not yet lost all our graces… Wuiv not yiet lostol awr greices The hounds will stay in chains… De jaunds wui’ estey in cheieeeens Look upon Your Greatness and she’ll send the call out… Luk apon Yio’ Greitness an’ shil sen’ de col...

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Traducción con explicación: Team de Lorde

Letras de Lorde – Team   Letra, Traducción y Video de la canción: Team de Lorde   Team Wait ‘til you’re announced… Espera hasta que seas anunciado We’ve not yet lost all our graces… Todavía no hemos perdido todas nuestras gracias The hounds will stay in chains… Los perros cazadores estarán encadenados Look upon your greatness… Mirando sobre tu grandiosidad That you’ll send the call...

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