Kings Of Leon – Waste A Moment-Pronunciación Letra y Video

Kings Of Leon – Waste A Moment-Como Aprender a Cantarla con su Pronunciación KINGS OF LEON LYRICS “Waste A Moment” All the way from Waco to WeHo with the rabbit on a chain Drove a little slick car to ten bar with the static on her brain She’s a little burner, burner, gonna throw you to the flame Little ticking time bomb, time bomb, gonna blow us all away Oh, take the time to waste a moment Oh, never ask to be...

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Kings Of Leon-Sex on Fire-Pronunciación Letra y Video

Kings Of Leon-Sex on Fire-Pronunciación y Clases de Inglés para latinos en Estados Unidos KINGS OF LEON LYRICS “Sex On Fire” Lay where you’re laying Don’t make a sound I know they’re watching They’re watching All the commotion the kiddie like play Has people talking Talking You Your sex is on fire The dark of the alley The break of the day Head while I’m driving I’m driving Soft lips are...

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Traducción con explicación: Sex on Fire de Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon’s Lyrics / Letras de Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire   Lay where you’re laying… Échate donde te acuestas Don’t make a sound… No hagas ni un ruido I know they’re watching… Yo se que están escuchando They’re watching… Están escuchando All the commotion… Toda la conmoción The kiddie like play… (Todo) el jueguito como de niños. Probablemente Caleb...

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