Kevin Gates – Time For That-Pronunciación Letra y Video

Kevin Gates – Time For That-Como Aprender a Cantarla con su Pronunciación

“Time For That”

Do you think I’ll ever need you love more than you need me?
Show me your true colors girl, I just want to see
Cause I done had too many come around and change on me
She screamin’ please don’t waste my → CLICK AQUÍ PARA SEGUIR CANTANDO!...


Kevin Gates-Know Better-Pronunciación Letra y Video

Kevin Gates-Know Better-Pronunciación y Clases de Inglés para latinos en Estados Unidos

“Know Better”

You shoulda known when it comes to the dough I’ma get it
You should know better
Do it all for my dogs, everyday goin’ hard, I’m a winner
You should know better
Used to dream about a mil
Now we gettin’ it for → CLICK AQUÍ PARA SEGUIR CANTANDO!...