Pronunciación Fonética Letra: No Role Modelz J. Cole

Pronunciación Fonética y Letra de la canción:No Role Modelz J. Cole “No Role Modelz” First things first rest in peace Uncle Phil For real, you the only father that I ever knew I get my bitch pregnant I’m a be a better you Prophesies that I made way back in the Ville Fufill, Listen even back when we was broke my team ill Martin Luther King would have been on Dreamville Talk to a nigga [Pre-Hook:] One time for my LA...

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Pronunciación y Letra: Apparently de J. Cole

Letra con la Pronunciación Fonética: Apparently de J. Cole   [Hook:] Oh right, oh Oh why na-da-da-da I keep my head high… A kiip ma jed ja I got my wings to carry me… A gat ma wuings tu carry mi I don’t know freedom… A don nou friidom I want my dreams to rescue me… A wuan ma driims tu reskiu mi I keep my faith strong… A kiip ma feit eshtron I ask the lord to follow me… A ask de lord tu...

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