No Freedom-Dido-Pronunciación Letra y Video

No Freedom-Dido-Pronunciación y Clases de Inglés para latinos en América

“No Freedom”

Take it by your silence
That I’m free to walk out the door
By the look in your eyes I can tell
You don’t think I’ll be back for more

Try to think of the world
Where you could stay and these safe hands could go→ CLICK AQUÍ PARA SEGUIR CANTANDO!...

Pronunciación Letra: Don’t Leave Home Dido

Pronunciación Letra Video de la cancion: Don’t Leave Home Dido

“Don’t Leave Home”

Like a ghost don’t need a key
Your best friend I’ve come to be
Please don’t think of getting up for me
You don’t even need to speak
When I’ve been here for just one day
You’ll already miss me if I go away
So close the

Aprender Inglés con Pronunciación: White Flag de Dido

Aprende la letra y a cantar en inglés con la pronunciación: White Flag de Dido


I know you think that I shouldn’t still love you,… A’ nou yiu tink daray shuden’ estil lov yiu
Or tell you that… Or tel yiu dat
But if I didn’t say it, well I’d still have felt it… Borif a’ diden’ seyet, wuel → CLICK AQUÍ PARA SEGUIR CANTANDO!...