Pronunciacion y Letra: Turn Around de Conor Maynard

Pronunciacion, Letra y Video de la cancion: Turn Around de Conor Maynard   “Turn Around” (feat. Ne-Yo) [Conor:] Turn around, open your eyes, look at me now, Turn around, girl, I’ve got you, we won’t fall down (yeah) We can see forever from up here, yeah So long as we’re together, have no fear, no fear So turn around, floating so high above the ground, floating so high, Turn around, together nothing...

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Pronunciacion y Letra: Can’t Say No de Conor Maynard

Pronunciacion, Letra y Video de la cancion: Can’t Say No de Conor Maynard   “Can’t Say No” Wasn’t looking for trouble, but it came looking for me I tried to say no but I can’t fight it she was looking lovely She kinda reminds me of a girl I know This pretty young thing that I got waiting for me back at home She’s got my engines turning this happens every time I see a pretty girl and I...

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