Pronunciación Fonética Letra: Talk To Myself Avicii

Pronunciación Fonética y Letra de la canción: Talk To Myself Avicii “Talk To Myself” Alone, I’m searching for devotion, in the faded melody My soul is trying to cross an ocean, down on bended knee Lock up my condense and rhyme, don’t know what I’m trying to say (My heart) all the time was stolen, by bad poetry Some nights I talk to myself, I said the words that I could say to no one else… som naits...

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Pronunciación Letra: The Nights Avicii

Pronunciación Letra Video de la cancion: The Nights Avicii “The Nights” Hey, once upon a younger year When all our shadows disappeared The animals inside came out to play Hey, went face to face with all our fears Learned our lessons through the tears Made memories we knew would never fade One day my father—he told me, “Son, don’t let it slip away.” He took me in his arms, I heard him say, “When you...

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