Pronunciación de la letra en Inglés de It’s On Again – Alicia Keys

Letras de Alicia Keys   Letra con la Pronunciación Fonética y Video Oficial de la canción: It’s On Again – Alicia Keys con Kendrick Lamar   Canción oficial de la banda sonora de la película: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [Kendrick Lamar:] And everybody know the story of David and Goliath… And evrybary now da estory of Deivid and Golayat But this is bigger than triumph… Bat dis is biguer dan trayamf This is...

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How to Learn Spanish Singing :Looking for Paradise de Alicia Keys feat. Alejandro Sanz

Letras de Alicia Keys – Looking for Paradise Everybody say oh oh oh oh… Todo el mundo digan oh oh oh oh Driving in a fast car… Manejando en un carro veloz. “Fast Car” es también un “Carro/Auto Deportivo” Trying to get somewhere… Tratando de llegar a algún lugar. “Somewhere” significa “Algún Lugar” Don´t know where I´m going… No se a donde estoy yendo But I...

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Como aprender a Cantar: That’s how strong my love is de Alicia Keys al toque

Letras de Alicia Keys – That’s how strong my love is Some people they call me crazy For fallin’ in love with you They can take me and lock me away baby Cuz there’s nothing those bars can do I’ll be the rising moon after the setting sun Just to let you know You’ll always have someone I’ll be the clearest day when the rain is done So you’ll always know (Chorus) Through the shake of an...

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Como aprender a Cantar: Tears Always Win de Alicia Keys en un santiamen

Letras de Alicia Keys – Tears Always Win These covers May keep me warm at night But they can’t take your place Cause they never gonna hold me tight And these pillows May let me rest my head But they can’t say good night And tuck me in before I go to bed Say now baby girl you’re better off That’s what I’m telling myself (over and over) But I’m lying to myself Cause I know I don’t want...

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